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AML BitCoins Are Compliant With Worldwide Regulations, Including: U.S Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act,
Anti-Money Laundering, U.S Office of Foreign Assets, Control Compliant, Know Your Customer, and more.

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AML BitCoin was created with anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism and theft-resistant properties built into the code of the coin, and as a result, it is compliant with a host of laws. AML BitCoins are compliant with AML, CFT, AFF, OFAC, BSA, USA PATRIOT ACT, FACT and others.

The NAC Foundation utilizes a biometric identification system to verify owners of wallets that hold the AML BitCoin. This will provide additional security and safety features for ownership and use of the AML BitCoin.

There will be 76 Million AML BitCoin Tokens (AML Tokens) available for public purchase. Upon completion and activation of the AML BitCoin, AML Token holders will have the opportunity to exchange them for AML BitCoins on a 1:1 ratio. In making this exchange the token holder will have had to create a certified digital identity profile in association with the DTN.


What is AML BitCoin?

AML BitCoin has been designed by the NAC Foundation, and builds on the AtenCoin platform. The cryptocurrency has built in KYC/AML, anti-theft and anti-criminal features, as well as biometric identification built into the platform. This enables it to be used by companies and individuals transacting with State, Semi-State, Regulated and Unregulated bodies.

All AML BitCoin transactions are transparent and recorded in a public ledger, and the senders and receivers are pseudonymous to the public. The transaction validation is decentralized. Every AML BitCoin holder can join this process through PoW/PoS mining.


Who can use AML BitCoin?

The AML Token can be purchased by token purchasers around the world. For those looking at using AML BitCoin for transactions, a series of KYC/AML and real-life verification is required. Once completed, all verified network users can transact with each other knowing counterparties are not on Sanctions Lists.  AML BitCoin is the only cryptocurrency that is compliant with the U.S. Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering and U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control law as well as other worldwide standards.


Capital Makeover: Bitcoin Brigade

NAC Foundation in conjunction with Blockchain Entertainment LLC and Superjacket Productions is creating a reality TV show which will also feature AML BitCoin. Working with Andrew Williamson and Mike Odair, the show will follow the team as they introduce cryptocurrencies to the US Congress.

Compliant. Transparent. Approved.
All the details about the AML Tokens
AML Token Sale Timeline

Private Sale

Dates:  September 2017

AML Tokens Sold: 2,500,000

There was a private sales of AML Tokens during 2017 with 2.5 million tokens sold. The balance of 73.5 million tokens will be available for the public sale phases.

Public Sale – Phase 1

Dates:  6th October 2017

AML Tokens Available: 13,500,000 @ US$1/token

Phase one of the public sale will run from 1st October for early adopters to the AML BitCoin platform.

Public Sale – Phase 2

Dates:  December 15, 2017-January 15, 2017

AML Tokens Available: 20,000,000 @ US$1.25/token

Phase two of the public sale will run from the end of the first phase, for those who wish to purchase tokens at a discount.

Public Sale – Phase 3

Dates:  January 16, 2018-February 13, 2018

AML Tokens Available: 40,000,000 @ US$1.50/token

The final phase of the token sale will see tokens made available at a discount. Any tokens purchased after this will be at the market rate.

AML BitCoin&AML Tokens


Basic Specifications of AML BitCoin  Specifications of AML Token
Name: AML BitCoin (unit: AmlBit) Coin name: AML Token
AKA: AML Coin Coin abbreviation ABTC
Abbreviation: AML Transaction address prefix T
Biometric Identifications: Mobile Application that uses blockchain technology with Biometric Identification Features. Maximum coin supply 200,000,000 ABTC
Features: Anti-Money Laundering Premined coins 145,000,000 ABTC
Features: Know Your Client (“KYC”) Minimum transaction fee 0.00001 ABTC/kB
Features: Anti-Theft Feature Default transaction fee 0.0002 ABTC/kB
Special Feature: Anti-Criminal Features SegWit  Yes
Segregated Witness (SegWit): Yes Hashing algorithm  SHA-256, POW
Consensus Protocol:Miner PoW Block Reward: PoW/PoS hybrid protocol, resistant to 51% attack Block reward  0.000001 ABTC
Miner PoS Annual Stake Reward: 2 AML, multiplied by 0.9 every 0.5 million blocks 0.5% Average block time 1 minute
Encryption Algorithm: X15 Block halving 800000
Average Block Time: 1 minute Miners Authorization required
Total Coins: 200 Million Source code Based on Bitcoin Core, version 0.15.0
Pre-mined Coins: 145 Million AML Token/AML BitCoin exchange rate 1 to 1
Total Available for PoW/PoS Mining: 55 Million Total Available for PoW Mining: 55 Million
Transaction Fees: 0.0001 AML (0.1 mAML) Per Thousand Bytes
Number of Mined Block Confirmation: 240
Number of Transaction Confirmation: 6

Founder & CEO
Marcus Andrade is a blockchain and digital currency…
VP of European Affairs
Raymond has been involved in the political scene…
VP of Latin America Affairs
Carlos De La Guardia is an international marketing…
Chief Strategy Officer
Japheth Dillman began coding over 25 years ago,…
Chief Technical Officer
John is an executive consultant, principal engineer, and…
Project Manager
Hung Q. Tran is a technology leader who…
Software Developer
Sergey is a Senior Software Developer and is…
Software Developer
Neha is a Software Developer (Microsoft Technologies). She…
Software Developer
Jatin has 8 years of experience in Software…
Software Developer
Brandon Smietana is a Software Developer at the NAC…

Hon. Angela Knight (Born Sheffield, 31 October 1950)…
Neil M. Sunkin, a former Partner in a…
John is a founding partner of Halogen Communications,…
Natko is the Founder and Managing Director of…

Director of Production & Development
Andrew Williamson has built an extensive career in…

The ideal wallet to store your AML Tokens

ABTC Wallet


Latest version: 1.2.0


Latest version: 1.2.0


Latest version: 1.2.0

The AML BitCoin Platform in the News

Founder & CEO

Marcus Andrade

Marcus Andrade is a blockchain and digital currency enthusiast since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. Marcus envisioned global adoption of an electronic currency that could cross borders from peer to peer with minimal cost.

In 2012, Marcus Andrade, a former United States Marine, computer programming maven, and successful businessman spearheaded the development of a new structure for cryptocurrency.  It utilizes a hybrid distributed ledger technology that provides a better approach for regulating a cryptocurrency while maintaining the most celebrated feature of Bitcoin, i.e. decentralized banking.  This new digital currency, Aten “Black Gold”, was based on the Bitcoin protocol and is designed to be compliant with the requirements of stringent laws with which banks and other financial institutions are required to comply.  Marcus introduced Aten “Black Gold” to the market in September 2015.  Using a “privately regulated public blockchain” concept, the Aten Coin utilized a novel personal identity-linked credential authentication protocol built into the source code of the coin.

The Aten Coin (now re-branded as “AML BitCoin”) is perhaps the first and possibly only coin that, because of its structure, is compliant with anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism and anti-terrorist financing laws, bank secrecy laws, know-your-customer laws, and anti-financial crimes laws both in the United States and abroad.

Since the creation of his digital currency, Marcus has led the development as Chief Architect of a product that presents a biometrics solution to the problem of personal identification, critical to preventing money laundering, terrorist financing, and financial crimes.  CrossVerify, a United Kingdom-based company, which Marcus founded, and which owns a patent (pending) on this unique product, has attracted the interest of the law enforcement and military organizations of various countries.

Marcus is also currently developing AMLPlatform, which will be a white label of the AML BitCoin, enabling preapproved developers to use the NAC platform to create their own alternative digital currency/tokens.

Before creating the AML BitCoin and CrossVerify, Marcus established a reputation as one of the leading developers in the digital currency field, using his skills as Chief Architect and CEO of numerous other digital currency projects.  He created AtenTacker, a mobile application that publishes the current price of leading digital currencies in the fiat of multiple countries, refreshing pricing continually.  Marcus constructed EcoinsTrader, a digital currency trading website that monitors and detects suspicious activities.  He also created AtenPay, a payment platform that enabled businesses to accept the Aten Coin as a means of payment for goods and services, facilitating rapid conversion of Aten Coin to fiat currency.

A prolific inventor, Marcus has patents pending for a personal/client identification and verification process, pseudonymous system and transaction network for monitoring and restricting transactions of cryptography-based electronic money. His most recent invention—“legal identity-linked credential authentication protocol” is a protocol providing a practical solution for the issues related to cryptocurrency theft, KYC and AML, while maintaining user privacy.  (

Marcus is a member of the American Bankers Association and of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists and serves on the United States Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force.

VP of European Affairs

Raymond Robertson

Raymond has been involved in the political scene in Scotland, Westminster and Europe for well over 25 years having formerly been Minister for Education, Housing, Fisheries and Sport at the Scottish Office, and before that served as Parliamentary Private Secretary at the Northern Ireland Office. He was MP for Aberdeen South, for five years between 1992 and 1997, and then, subsequent to that, Chairman of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party before setting up Halogen in 2002.

He is a highly skilled political strategist and public speaker and has vast experience in conference planning and event management having organised numerous national events in Scotland. Raymond is an excellent communicator and has a vast breadth of knowledge relating to crisis management, firefighting and strategic advice. He is also an experienced media operator with regular appearances on political discussion programmes and news interviews.

VP of Latin America Affairs

Hon. Carlos De La Guardia

Carlos De La Guardia is an international marketing and public relations strategist and his area of expertise is in Business Intelligence and government affairs in Latin America. In 1984 Mr. De La Guardia attended Oklahoma State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing and Communications. He also received his Master’s Degree in Marketing at Oklahoma State University, right after he finished his undergraduate studies.

In 1992 Mr. De La Guardia was offered a challenging position by Johnson & Johnson Company as a marketing manager for one of their consumer product categories in the Central American region. Years later Mr. De La Guardia accepted a position of Marketing and Sales Director with Bristol-Myers Squibb (B-MS), where he oversaw the business for the Latin American Region.

Mr. De La Guardia later became a diplomat when he was appointed Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Panama in Washington, DC in November 2002. He was also Minister Counsellor to the President in US-Panama affairs and later became Chargé d’Affaires and Ambassador responsible for the 2005 transition of the embassy. Mr. De La Guardia serves as an Honorary Chair Latin America for the International Studies Council of the Corcoran Gallery of Arts in Washington DC, as part of his contribution to the community.

Carlos recently moved back to Panama City, Panama where he oversees AMLBitcoin’s regional business. He has three children; Carlos Raul, Ernesto and Laura

Chief Strategy Officer

Japheth Dillman

Japheth Dillman began coding over 25 years ago, taking collegiate courses in programming at the tender age of 10 in order to learn to program his own games. The grown-up version of Japheth is equal parts Mentor, Entrepreneur, and Investor. The Japheth of today is a white paper author and infamous conference speaker, finding success in Mobile, VR/AR, and Blockchain technologies. He co-founded the YetiZen Accelerator to help other startups with their product vision, growth hacking, and design. He continues to mentor a select group of startups that excite him. He often finds himself on the frontier edge of technology, especially in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and VR.

Known for designing the very first mobile Augmented Reality game ever released, Japheth since founded CLEVR, a social network built natively for VR/AR and provides a layer of discovery of new content. Japheth also serves as the VP of Content at Play Table, one of the hottest Mixed Reality devices on the market. Wearing his investor hat, Japheth has recently helped craft a new policy in China at the federal level enabling funds to transfer Chinese currency to USD and invest venture capital projects in the United States. Japheth also has raised a blockchain fund to invest in cryptocurrencies, utilizing an in-house proprietary auto-trader he built with his cofounder. He advises numerous Blockchain companies going through their ICO phase.

Outside of his professional life Japheth continues to serve as an active leader in the local community. He began in college by founding the PC Club. He continues today by mentoring children at an elementary school’s chess club, serving on the Executive Board of Directors for the Jewish Federation, and as a volunteer docent giving tours at a local art museum.

Chief Technical Officer

John Szeder

John is an executive consultant, principal engineer, and seasoned manager who has worked with companies ranging from small two man startups to fortune 500 companies including Samsung and The Clorox Corporation. John held roles as the Vice President of Engineering and Operations and Director of Developer Relations and Mobile at hi5 Networks, Inc., a leading international social network for games. His engineering career started at RIM when it was a small start up, working with the team that created the Blackberry.

John also held many roles over the years including being the cofounder and CEO of Mofactor, a small boutique mobile publisher with many internally developed titles and very efficient porting technology. Mofactor worked with Qualcomm and Verizon to do early games and app publishing projects, including some of the first launched BREW games, and early Facebook mobile development. Mofactor developed and published Duckshot, an AIAS nominated title for game of the year, and many other original and branded mobile titles. John was also an early staff member at RIM and one of the founding staff members of Digital Chocolate.

Project Manager

Hung Q. Tran

Hung Q. Tran is a technology leader who builds and oversees world class engineering teams to design, create, strategize, produce, launch and release groundbreaking products, applications and software. As a CTO/CPO consultant, Tran works with internationally celebrated CEOs and thought leaders to bring their ideas and platforms to life. His experience extends to many sectors and topics including: enterprise, logistics e-commerce, mobile, video, software development, big data, database development, scalability, AI (deep learning) social gaming and video game design.

Tran has extensive team procurement and management experience in the building of groups who align to a specific culture around a particular project or concept. He has facilitated many live video platforms, video advertising and video application systems as well. Tran’s projects include work with: NAC Foundation/AML Bitcoin, IAC Evite, Jacent Technologies, IBM Global Services, WeMash, Inc., TV 4 Entertainment, Inc., and Machinima Inc.

His core competencies are management, leadership, recruiting, team building, mentoring, budgeting, project planning, expert communication, methodology and process development.

Technical expertise and interests include: systems architecture, product design, code writing, quality engineering, user experience, data modelling, data management, cloud, SAAS/PAAS, and security. He is adept at NodeJS, ReactJS/React Native, iOS/Android, GraphQL, REST, Amazon Web Services, Ruby/Rails, Javascript, Objective-C, Java, Swift, SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis.

Tran studied at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA and earned a BS Computer Engineering/Computer Sciences degree.

Software Developer

Sergey Petkevich

Sergey is a Senior Software Developer and is the CTO for Aten Coin. He was born and raised in Belarus. He is involved in various blockchain related companies and has served as lead developer for the Aten Coin project. He currently oversees 7 Aten Coin related developers. He is an expert in Smart Contracts and Hyperledger.

Software Developer

Neha Verma

Neha is a Software Developer (Microsoft Technologies). She has expertise in Microsoft technologies:, c#, Scripting languages: jquery, angularJS. Databases: sql server, MS Access. She has worked with several organisations providing software solutions for the last 9 years. During this tenure she got a chance to work with Scientific Officers of National Informatic Center, Haryana, India, and for the Software wing of Health Department, Haryana State Government, India. She has also worked for National Rural Health Mission, Haryana, India. For past 4 years, she has been working with the NAC Foundation in maintaining their projects, technical support and server organisation.

Software Developer

Jatin Babbar

Jatin has 8 years of experience in Software Development, Team Lead and Project Management. He has worked with some leading organisations. He has expertise in PHP, Fremeworks – Codeigniter, CakePHP, YLL, Laravel, Smarty JavaScript, Jquery, AngularJs, HTML/CSS; Database-MySQL, PostGRESql, SQL Server; CMS-Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Opencart;

Software Developer

Brandon Smietana

Brandon Smietana is a Software Developer at the NAC Foundation.


Hon. Angela Knight, CBE

Hon. Angela Knight (Born Sheffield, 31 October 1950) is a British business executive and former politician. She is currently Chair of the Office of Tax Simplification, to which she was appointed in December 2015, Chair of Tilman Brewin Dolphin plc and on the Board of Directors of both Astana Financial Services Authority and Taylor Wimpey plc.

Until the end of 2014, she was chief executive of the energy industry trade body Energy UK and prior to that the Chief Executive of the British Bankers’ Association during the banking crisis. Angela joined the BBA from the Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers (now the Wealth Management Association), where she had been the CEO since the autumn of 1997.

During this period, Angela also served as a non-executive director on a number of plc boards. During Angela’s political career she was a Conservative Party Member of Parliament representing the constituency of Erewash from 1992 to 1997. She also served as Economic Secretary to the Treasury from 1995 to 1997 in Prime Minister John Major’s government. Angela has a degree in Chemistry from Bristol University and worked in the engineering industry for 15 years, mostly in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, before becoming involved in politics via Sheffield City Council.

She was honoured with a CBE for services to the financial services industry in 2007.


Neil M. Sunkin

Neil M. Sunkin, a former Partner in a national law firm and former Counsel at First Interstate Bank of California, has over 32-years of experience in business and commercial matters, corporate governance and shareholder’s and partner’s rights, banking and financial institutions, and real estate.

Neil has a keen interest in the emerging law that will govern cryptocurrencies and the digital coin industry. Neil has a B.A., Cum Laude from Brandeis University and a Juris Doctor from Emory University School of Law, J.D. Neil has published in the legal profession and has taught and lectured to attorneys.

He is currently the Chair, Business and Real Estate Law Section of the San Fernando Valley, California Bar Association. Some recent publications and articles include “Civil Law Update: Recent California Supreme Court Decisions” (Valley Lawyer, September 2015) and “A Trial Lawyer’s Perspective on Litigating D & O Claims” (2012).


John Crawford

John is a founding partner of Halogen Communications, a successful communications firm based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The agency was founded in 2002 and represents some of the world’s most successful companies, such as Philip Morris and Airbnb. Before setting up Halogen, John was Chief of Staff for the Scottish Conservatives working in the inaugural Scottish Parliament, developing policy, working on campaign strategy and interacting with the media, before going on to become an executive with Yellow M Advertising, an award-winning Edinburgh based advertising agency.

John’s first ‘career’ was as a civil servant at the Scottish Office in Edinburgh and London. During his eight years there he developed an excellent understanding of civil service protocol and the workings of government at Westminster. John is currently based in Washington, D.C. running Halogen’s operation on Pennsylvania Avenue.


Natko Vlahovic

Natko is the Founder and Managing Director of Vlahovic Group LLC, the first specialised government relations firm in Croatia, and the leading lobbying outlet in South East Europe with a multinational client base spanning tech, energy and finance. Natko is also a Co-founder and Managing Director of the Croatia-EU Business Council, the first Brussels-based organisation advocating and promoting Croatian business interests in the EU. Currently, Natko is an Untitled Governor at the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia.

In 2015, Natko co-wrote the first book on professional lobbying in Croatia called “A Professional Lobbyist – An Interest Advocacy Manual”. Natko was an External Member of the European Affairs Committee within the Croatian Parliament. In July 2015, he was re-elected to a second term as the President of the Croatian Lobbying Association (HDL), an NGO advocating for the regulation of lobbying and mandatory registration for those who wish to influence the executive or legislative branches of government.

Prior to starting his own business, Natko led the Brussels office of the Croatian Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises (HOK) and acted as their chief advocate in EU institutions for seven years. In 1999, he started his professional career at the Croatian Embassy in Washington, D.C., where he work ed on various trade promotion and investment relations projects.

Throughout his professional career, Natko initiated and led many national and international high level government projects as well. In 2012, Natko completed a Fellowship Programme in Public Poli cy at Patton Boggs LLP in Washington D.C. In 2011, he participated in a two – week intensive professional lobbying workshop organised by the Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute at the American University in Washington, D.C.

Natko holds a B.A. in Political Science from St. Francis College, USA, an M.A. in the Croatian Political System and Administration from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb , Croatia and an Executive M.B.A. from the Bled School of Management in Slovenia. He frequently lectures and writes about p ublic affairs, lobbying and political representation for private and public sector organisations in Croatia and abroad.

Director of Production & Development

Andrew Williamson

Andrew Williamson has built an extensive career in the Film/Television industry. He currently serves as the Director of Production and Development for Kylin Pictures International, producers on last years Oscar-winning “Hacksaw Ridge”, the upcoming Bruce Lee Bio-pic “Birth of the Dragon” and the upcoming Tom Cruise/Doug Liman film “American Made”. He is a co-producer on the upcoming Pierce Brosnan-Kaya Scodelario project “The King’s Daughter”, as well as the upcoming “SHANGHAI”; slated for a 2018 release.

Over his 10+ years in Hollywood, Andrew worked his way up from a ghost-writer, editor, story consultant, and even actor (having appeared in shows such as HBO’s “True Blood” and films such as Justin Timberlake’s “In Time”) to become a rising force behind the camera. Over his career he has worked with ABC, FOX, Disney, Sony, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, CBS, and more.

With the creation of Cryptitude, Andrew looks forward to using his experience, expertise, and leadership skills honed through years of storytelling to shine light on the crypto-currency world, an important but little understood topic that has thus far remained untouched in Hollywood.