Backing Up & Restoring Your AML Wallet

Guide to Backing Up & Restoring Your AML Wallet

The instructions for backing up and restoring your AML Wallet are listed below. A PDF of the instructions can be found here.

This guide discusses how you would backup and restore your wallet. This includes cases:
1) How do I backup my AML Token Wallet?
2) How do I restore my wallet.dat file?
3) How do I move my AML Token Wallet from one computer to another?
4) How do I copy my wallet from my Home PC to my work Laptop on a MAC or vice versa?

The AML Token Wallet stores your data in a hidden folder. Where this folder (directory) is depends on your computer operating system.

Windows:     C:\Users\{loginname}\AppData\Roaming\amltoken

MAC OSX:    /Users/{loginname}/Library/Application Support/amltoken

Note: Replace {loginname} with your user login name.
For example: If your username is ‘john’, then the location will be C:\Users\john\AppData\Roaming\amltoken or /Users/john/Library/Application Support/amltoken

Within the “amltoken” folder are various files and subfolders. The most important file is the one named “wallet.dat”. This file contains the address, and private key that protects any token associated with them. This is the file that will be backed up in step 1.


1) How do I backup my AML Token Wallet?
Launch the AML Token Wallet application

1. From the application, select “File” -> “Backup Wallet..”

2. You will be prompted to choose the location to save the file to. Enter a name for your backup. It is recommended to put a timestamp on the file so you can distinguish from various backups (if you choose to keep them). For example here we used:


4. Click on “Save” when you have entered a name for the backup file.

5. (Optional) Open Finder (MAC) or Explorer in (Windows) and verify that there’s a file saved where you selected. For example below I saved my backup file to my Documents/backups folder

Congratulations, you have have backed up your AML Token Wallet. Remember to keep this file safe and secure.


2) How do I restore my wallet.dat file?

Let’s assume you have backed up your wallet.dat file and named the backup file as shown in Section 1) above: amltoken-backup-20171214T205800PST.dat. Also that you have downloaded and installed the wallet application.
You will now restore the backup wallet file.
1. Quit the AML Token Wallet application if it is running

2. Locate your data folder (see the Background section).
a. On a Mac you will use the Finder application. Click on “Go”, then “Go to Folder…”, this will open up a box which you can enter in the folder location, remember to replace the loginname YOUR login name. For example:
/Users/john/Library/Application Support/amltoken

b. On a Windows 10 PC, you will use the File Explorer program to find the data location. Just copy the file location and paste it into the File Explorer address bar, remember to replace the loginname with YOUR login name. For example;


3. There should already a wallet.dat file in this amltoken data folder. Rename this file to: “wallet-orig.dat”. This isn’t absolutely necessary you may also delete that file if you have just installed the wallet. Renaming it is safer in case for some reason you had already started using that wallet..

4. Copy your backed up file into this data directory. For this example the file is named: amltoken-backup-20171214T205800PST.dat

5. Rename this backed up file to “wallet.dat”. Your amltoken data folder would now look like this:

6. Launch your AML Token Wallet application. If this was an older backup the system will need to resynchronize it’s blockchain with the network. It may take a little while to download the new blocks and get your wallet up to current. Once this is complete you may verify that your tokens has been restored on the main screen. And you can go to the “Transactions” view to see your prior transaction history restored.


3) How do I move my AML Token Wallet from one computer to another?
By following the steps in section 1) and 2), you know how to backup your wallet.dat file, and then restore that file on the same computer. To move the wallet file from one computer to another computer, simply follows those two steps, with the added step of transferring the backup file between computers. There are various ways to do this depending on your computing environment and your comfort level with performing basic computer file management task.

However, these tasks are no different that if you were to move a PDF or MS Word document between computers, only you must additionally treat this file as if it is a PDF file that contains very private information you do not want to get in the wrong hands.

Here are the basic steps:
1. Follow Section 1 above to backup the wallet.dat file.
2. Transfer the file from computer 1 to computer 2
a. Copy the file into a USB drive from one computer. Insert that USB drive on computer two, and restore the file.
b. Upload the backed file on a secure file service/cloud drive such as: Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Box, or DropBox. After you have downloaded the file to your secondary computer, delete the version on the cloud drive.
3. Follow Section 2 above to restore the file on the new computer.


4) How do I copy my wallet from my Home PC to my work Laptop on a MAC or vice versa?
At this point if you have read all of the sections above you would already know generally how to backup and restore your wallet.dat file from one computer to the other computer when the operating system are not the same. You would just need to be mindful that the wallet.dat is stored in slightly different folder scheme on the MAC OS than the Windows 10. Please read the Background section.