AML BitCoin Token Sale FAQ

What is the difference between AML BitCoin and AML Token?

AML Tokens are there to accommodate the AML BitCoin fundraise. AML Token is not activated for anti-money laundering compliance. AML BitCoin offers the benefit of a public blockchain and market decentralization associated with the ability to stay in compliance with international financial, banking, privacy acts and other regulations. For more info and FAQ on AML BitCoin please visit our website:

When did the AML Token Sale end, and where can I buy AML Tokens now?

The AML Token Sale closed in February 2018. AML Token is now listed on digital currency exchanges, HitBTCIDAX, Exrates, and Ovis, and can be purchased on any of these sites.

Now that AML Token is listed on exchanges, how do I buy tokens/sell tokens/deposit funds on these exchanges?

AML Token is listed on digital currency exchanges, HitBTCIDAX, Exrates, and Ovis.

Video and written instructions to buy tokens, sell tokens, and deposit funds onto these exchanges can be found on AML BitCoin’s online forum, AMLBitcointalk, here.

How do I install AML Token wallet and purchase AML Tokens?

AML Token (ABTC) can purchased on the digital currency exchanges:


Download the AML Wallet for Windows, MAC, and Linux, and see the installation guide here.


See frequently asked questions about downloading the wallet on AML BitCoin’s forum, AMLBitcointalk, here.


Please see video instructions to download the AML Wallet on Windows and MAC below.




For MAC, the AML Wallet is only compatible with 10.12 macOS Sierra to 10.13 macOS High Sierra.

The following instructional video demonstrates how to upgrade MAC versions to the afformentioned:

I have purchased AML Tokens during the AML Token Sale, but have not received them yet, when will I get them?

If you purchased AML Tokens during the Token Sale, AML Tokens will only be distributed to your wallet after the Token Sale has completed, and once we have your AML Wallet Address. If you have not submitted your AML Wallet Address, please email your address to [email protected] immediately.

If I purchased during the AML Token Sale and have given a wrong AML Token receiving address, what should I do?

Please email [email protected] immediately with your transaction information. Please include the email address associated with your account and the AML Token Wallet receiving address you have used for the transaction.

How do I upgrade my AML Token Wallet?

Please see instructions to upgrade your AML Token Wallet to Version 1.3.0 here.

How can I get technical support or ask questions?

Our technical support and customer service team can be reached in the following ways:

  • Email [email protected]
  • Chat with our team by clicking “chat” on this website, in the lower right corner. [Chat Hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00AM-10:00 PM EST. Saturday-Sunday: 10:30AM-2:30PM / 6:30PM-8:30PM EST]
  • Post a question in our ‘Customer Support’ thread on AML BitCoin’s online forum, AMLBitcointalk.

Answers to frequently asked technical support and customer service questions can be found in the Customer Support thread on AMLBitcointalk.

How can I stay-up-to-date with AML BitCoin news?

Sign up to receive email newsletters from AML BitCoin by clicking here.

Join the conversations on AML BitCoin’s online forum, AML Bitcointalk, and AML BitCoin’s Telegram group, and like our pages on social media below to get real time updates:

When do I need to identify myself?

When you purchase AML Tokens, you do not need to identify yourself for AML compliance. When you exchange AML Tokens for AML BitCoin in a later stage, you will need to create a certified digital identity.

When will AML Tokens be exchanged for AML BitCoins?

Upon completion and activation of the compliant AML BitCoin, AML Token holders will have the opportunity to exchange them for AML BitCoin at a 1:1 ratio.

How can I create a certified digital identity profile?

We are building the AML BitCoin platform. When it is completed you can go through the identification process and upload the right documents.

Are Aten Coins and AML BitCoins the same?

Aten Coins, also known as ” National Aten Coin” or “Black Coin”, are not the same as AML BitCoin (occasionally called “amlcoin” or “amlbitcoin”). AML BitCoin does however provide the same features as Aten Coins, in addition to Smart Contract capabilities. The AML BitCoin Network is going to be monitored by specialized software to detect suspicious activities. The same software is used by major banks in traditional banking and activity that constitutes suspicious activities within the meaning of relevant law, would be submitted to the appropriate governmental authorities.

This measure ensures compliance with a multitude of international regulatory frameworks, such as:

  • Compliant with the USA Patriot Act
  • Compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulation
  • Compliant with the Bank Secrecy Act
  • Compliant with the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control
  • Compliant with many worldwide regulating Requirements

Can I mine AML Token?

Mining will become available once the AML BitCoin is released within the next six months. Until then, AML Token mining is prohibited.

What is your refund policy for those that participated in the AML Token Sale?


Although we do not provide refunds, where there are extenuating circumstances, NAC may make an exception and provide a refund. Generally, however, where exceptions are made they will be in instances where cryptocurrency was deposited on the platform to purchase AML Tokens, but conversion of the cryptocurrency to the AML Tokens did not occur. Using Etherium as an example, NAC would refund the full amount of the ETH deposited. Or, if there was a conversion of the cryptocurrency to purchase AML, and a balance of crypto exists after conversion, NAC can refund the balance of cryptocurrency. All refunds will be in US dollars at the rate of exchange of the cryptocurrency on the date of the deposit of the cryptocurrency.

Special consideration may be given to reimburse in digital currency when digital currency was converted to the AML Token. To make a special request, one must submit a notarized statement to NAC stating why a refund is requested and acknowledge that the request for the special consideration will be reviewed after the ICO is completed.

In the event that an AML Wallet passphrase is forgotten, a refund will not be granted. It is the responsibility of Token Holders to remember their passphrase.

Refund requests are only accepted 45 days after the date that tokens were purchased, or currency deposits (all types) were made into accounts, if currency deposits were not converted to tokens.

Besides the refund clause in the 'Terms and Conditions', is there any other way to get a refund?

If anyone on the AML BitCoin team, which includes our technical support staff, has ever told you or anyone  purchasing an AML Token/AML BitCoin, any of the following listed below, please let us know and you will get an automatic refund and you will also be able to keep all of your coins, pending compliance approval.

  • Pooled interest
  • Any type of return
  • Any type of capital gain
  • Any type of interest
  • Any type of ownership in the company.
  • That the coin had an underlying collateral.

Any of the above mentioned things would be ground for an automatic refund. If you were told anything similar to the above, please email [email protected] and provide proof of such statements.