How to buy AML BitCoin Tokens with BTC ETH & USD

1. Accept the Terms and Conditions

Read and accept the terms and conditions at of the AML Token Sale at

2: Create an account

In case you cannot find an email by AML Token [email protected], check your spam folder and ideally add AML Token Sale to your “Safe Senders List”.

3. Deposit funds

To purchase AML Tokens you must deposit funds into your account. You are able to buy AML Tokens using BTC, ETH, LTC, or USD. Please make sure your deposit equals or exceeds the minimum purchase amount (at the current exchange rate it is 100.00 USD or cryptocurrency equivalent).

A calculator is provided for your convenience. You can enter the number of AML Tokens you wish to buy and calculate the amount you would like to purchase.

Please note that transfer of funds to your account wallets does not constitute a purchase of the AML Tokens. After the funds are deposited, you would need to complete Step 3 to purchase the required number of AML Tokens with the deposited funds.

Tokens are purchased at the price in effect at the time of purchasing, not at the price in effect at the time when funds have been sent or received by the platform.

If you are purchasing AML Tokens with any currency other than BTC, please note that price of AML Tokens would be calculated at the time of actual purchase of the AML Tokens and not at the time of transfer of the funds to your account wallets.

4. Purchase AML Tokens

Once funds are in your account, you specify how you want to pay and how many AML Tokens you want to purchase.

Once the token sale has concluded, AML Tokens will be distributed to the AML Token wallet, where you will be able to keep the tokens, or exchange them later for AML BitCoin at a 1:1 ratio when the plaform launches. This concludes the “how to buy AML Token” guide, we hope that you’ll find it useful.

The AML BitCoin Team