Andrew Williamson has built an extensive career in the Film/Television industry. He currently serves as the Director of Production and Development for Kylin Pictures International, producers on last years Oscar-winning “Hacksaw Ridge”, the upcoming Bruce Lee Bio-pic “Birth of the Dragon” and the upcoming Tom Cruise/Doug Liman film “American Made”. He is a co-producer on the upcoming Pierce Brosnan-Kaya Scodelario project “The King’s Daughter”, as well as the upcoming “SHANGHAI”; slated for a 2018 release.

Over his 10+ years in Hollywood, Andrew worked his way up from a ghost-writer, editor, story consultant, and even actor (having appeared in shows such as HBO’s “True Blood” and films such as Justin Timberlake’s “In Time”) to become a rising force behind the camera. Over his career he has worked with ABC, FOX, Disney, Sony, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, CBS, and more.

With the creation of Cryptitude, Andrew looks forward to using his experience, expertise, and leadership skills honed through years of storytelling to shine light on the crypto-currency world, an important but little understood topic that has thus far remained untouched in Hollywood.