Hung Q. Tran is a technology leader who builds and oversees world class engineering teams to design, create, strategize, produce, launch and release groundbreaking products, applications and software. As a CTO/CPO consultant, Tran works with internationally celebrated CEOs and thought leaders to bring their ideas and platforms to life. His experience extends to many sectors and topics including: enterprise, logistics e-commerce, mobile, video, software development, big data, database development, scalability, AI (deep learning) social gaming and video game design.

Tran has extensive team procurement and management experience in the building of groups who align to a specific culture around a particular project or concept. He has facilitated many live video platforms, video advertising and video application systems as well. Tran’s projects include work with: NAC Foundation/AML Bitcoin, IAC Evite, Jacent Technologies, IBM Global Services, WeMash, Inc., TV 4 Entertainment, Inc., and Machinima Inc.

His core competencies are management, leadership, recruiting, team building, mentoring, budgeting, project planning, expert communication, methodology and process development.

Technical expertise and interests include: systems architecture, product design, code writing, quality engineering, user experience, data modelling, data management, cloud, SAAS/PAAS, and security. He is adept at NodeJS, ReactJS/React Native, iOS/Android, GraphQL, REST, Amazon Web Services, Ruby/Rails, Javascript, Objective-C, Java, Swift, SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis.

Tran studied at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA and earned a BS Computer Engineering/Computer Sciences degree.