Terms and Conditions



Although we do not provide refunds, where there are extenuating circumstances, NAC may make an exception and provide a refund. Generally, however, where exceptions are made they will be in instances where cryptocurrency was deposited on the platform to purchase AML Tokens, but conversion of the cryptocurrency to the AML Tokens did not occur. Using Etherium as an example, NAC would refund the full amount of the ETH deposited. Or, if there was a conversion of the cryptocurrency to purchase AML, and a balance of crypto exists after conversion, NAC can refund the balance of cryptocurrency.  All refunds will be in US dollars at the rate of exchange of the cryptocurrency on the date of the deposit of the cryptocurrency.

Special consideration may be given to reimburse in digital currency when digital currency was converted to the AML Token. To make a special request, one must submit a notarized statement to NAC stating why a refund is requested and acknowledge that the request for the special consideration will be reviewed after the ICO is completed.

In the event that an AML Wallet passphrase is forgotten, a refund will not be granted. It is the responsibility of Token Holders to remember their own passphrase.

Refund requests are only accepted 45 days after the date that tokens were purchased, or currency deposits (all types) were made into accounts, if currency deposits were not converted to tokens.