Mandatory Wallet Upgrade

Mandatory AML Wallet Upgrade to Version 1.3.0

We have upgraded the AML Wallet from version 1.2.0 to version 1.3.0. The latest version, 1.3.0, has enhanced security updates. It is mandatory that all AML Token Holders upgrade their AML Wallets to the latest version as soon as possible.

Instructions To Upgrade Your AML Wallet:

1. Ensure that your AML Wallet Address has been added to your Token Sale account profile page in the ‘AML Token Wallet’ field.

2. Back up your AML Wallet by following the instructions outlined here. You can back up your wallet onto an external device (a USB or similar would work) and store it in a safe place. We also recommend backing up your AML Wallet onto a couple of external devices for extra safeguarding. Your AML Wallet can be backed up now and after you receive your coins (if you have not already received them). The linked PDF above also includes instructions to restore your AML Wallet, in case this is ever needed.

3. Download the newest AML Wallet, version 1.3.0, for MAC, Windows or Linux here. Please download and install the new wallet version over the old version.

Please note: After following the above steps, your upgraded AML Wallet should automatically populate the AML Wallet Address from your previous wallet version.

If this does not happen, please immediately delete the AML Wallet Address that’s listed in your Token Sale account and generate a new Wallet Address in your AML Wallet. Once you generate the new AML Wallet Address, please immediately add this to your Token Sale account profile page, in the ‘AML Token Wallet’ field.

If you need technical assistance, please email [email protected].